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GaugePilot Classic

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Monitor, develop, and protect your classic car's engine with a GaugePilot Classic.

Its crystal-clear LCD non-reflective display displays classic analogue-style gauges, and its alerts - part of the vehicle protection system - will actively warn you when any engine parameter is beyond the limit that you set. Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Coolant Temperature, Gearbox Oil Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Air Fuel Ratio, Boost, RPM, Speedometer, and more can be displayed.

The GaugePilot datalogger allows offline analysis of your engine's behaviour, supporting your engine development work and allowing you to build in reliability.

SpeedPilot and TwinMaster rally applications are present for casual use - see our Rally and Rally Pro models for fully-featured competition models that include all of the Classic's other functionality too.

In the Box: Your GaugePilot comes complete with basic installation wiring for your vehicle, but without any sensors.

Order a GP-A02 mounting bracket separately if you wish to hang under the dashboard rather than make an opening in it.

Wheel speed and gauge sensors are available separately as accessories to customise the installation for your vehicle.

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