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GaugePilot in built Datalogger brings the ability to record, and analyse your vehicle's or navigator's performance.

Either on the road, or in competition, understanding what is happening to your engine's critical parameters is important. The pinnacles of motorsport and the aviation industry have used data analytics as the basis to build reliability and improve performance for decades.

GaugePilot data-logging takes the guess work out of what is happening under the bonnet, putting 281 channel hours of recording across 32 channels at you fingertips.

Data is easily collected and managed via the easy to use GaugePilot datalogging application and can be exported via a USB memory stick as a human-readable CSV (Comma Separated Value) for analysis via your favourite spreadsheet program on your computer, allowing parameters such as Cylinder Head Temperatures, Oil Pressure, Air/Fuel Ratio and RPM to be correlated for analysis from real on road, stage and track conditions.

Data is logged at 12Hz, and can include your trip and total odometers, current speed, and your current average speed and time delta to target speed in SpeedPilot / RallyMaster / Farina - making the datalogger valuable for the Navigator as well as the mechanic.

Gaugepilot brings you the ability to develop, prove, improve or just have peace of mind that all is performing well.