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Time for SERVICE

The GaugePilot Service Interval System keeps you informed about when key items of your classic or historic vehicle require routine inspection or replacement.

The systems monitors the Mileage, date and hours run since service on16 key items alerting the owner to when action is required. You have total control on the settings allowing you or your mechanic to manage the vehicles maintenance in a controlled way. GaugePilot Marque specialist will also be able to guide you on what is best to protect your investment.

In the 1980’s BMW introduced Service Interval Indicators (SII) to their vehicles to build reliability to their brand. Soon the rest of the industry followed suit. GaugePilot brings this ethos to the pre 1980’s classic assisting in building reliability and peace of mind.

Added Hours Run Meters For Competition

Component life monitoring is the cornerstone of top level motorsport and aviation reliability, allowing race teams and aircraft technicians to track and change components before they fail.

GaugePilot brings 5 individual hour run meters to the hands of the serious competitor allowing critical components to be life monitored to aid rally and race reliability and safety.