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Your GaugePilot is as easy to setup as it is to use. A simple icon-based interface allows you customise your GaugePilot to you and your car. At the top level of setup you have the option to:-

  • Set time and date
  • Set your preferences
  • Setup your alerts
  • Setup your gauges
  • Setup your digital interfaces (RS232 and CANbus)
  • Setup your sensors (wheel sensors and gauge sensors)
  • Access tools to aid installation

How do I setup my GaugePilot?

  1. Setup your sensors
  2. Setup your digital interfaces (if any)
  3. Select which gauges you wish to see in Gauges
  4. Select which Vehicle Protection System alerts you wish to have active
  5. Set your preferences. Items like which units to use for Temperature, Pressure, Distance, how long the unit stays powered on for after the ignition is switch off, etc..
  6. For Competition models, Calibrate the Rally Computer odometer