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Best of British

Engineering and manufacturing have been a very British trade, but ones that have increasingly been lost overseas.

Our goal for the GaugePilot range of instruments has been to retain the engineering and manufacturing process within the UK and locally to the south-west of England where possible.

Having a close proximity supply chain has allowed us to build strong relationships with our manufacturing partners, explore new processes, deliver benefits in maintaining our high quality standards, as well as minimising our transportation carbon footprint.

We have invested in new technology and Research and Development, using 3D printing technology not only in the creation of prototypes, but also to allow us to bring 3D printed manufactured plastic components to the core of the instrument.

In creating GaugePilot we are grateful to have been able to draw on some of the best minds and expertise here in the UK, In the fields of Optics, Aerospace instrumentation, Optical Plastics, optical coatings and have been able to involve institutions such as Exeter University in the field of 3D materials and manufacturing.

A lot has gone into creating an instrument with a classic feel and looks and a lot goes in to each and every GaugePilot instrument that leaves our works to ensure you get the very best protection and information for your motoring pleasure.