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Alerts are active at all times, displaying on-screen and/or triggering one of two external outputs designed for warning light or buzzer no matter which application is currently in use.

On-screen alerts can assigned Red or Yellow, with Red alerts having priority over Yellow alerts.

If enabled, the ice warning will alert for 5 seconds and then clear with an ice icon remaining on the screen as a reminder until the conditions improve.

For the external warning outputs, we recommend a warning light on output 1, and a buzzer on output 2.

Alerts are easily configured within setup.

Alerts can be set, with programmable thresholds, for the following conditions:-

Available alerts:-

Battery Voltage Low

Oil Pressure Low

Oil Temperature High

Coolant Temperature High

Gearbox Oil Temperature High

Cylinder Head Temperature High

Ice Warning (Ambient Temperature Low

Fuel Level Low

Shift Light (RPM High)

Speed Warning (Speed High)

Lights on Warning (when ignition is off)