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Rally EngineTM

Every GaugePilot includes our unique Rally Engine - technology that we have developed to track time and distance with supreme accuracy.

The Rally Engine measures distance by knowing how far the vehicle travels for each pulse received.

The distance covered per pulse is stored with such accuracy that the cumulative rounding error over 2 1/2 million pulses is less than 1 cm.  To put that another way, at one metre distance per pulse, that is less than 1cm internal error over 2,500 km of rallying.

Time is just as important as distance. The Rally Engine ensures that your GaugePilot functions just as accurately in the desert heat as in winter alpine stages.

You might be surprised to learn that a regular digital clock can gain or loose many seconds a day if it experiences extremes of temperature. The Rally Engine clock is not only individually calibrated in our laboratory to keep perfect time, but it is also temperature compensated. The clock constantly corrects itself for the temperature of the unit, keeping you on time, all the time.