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Regulation Mode

Developed with the co-operation of leading rally regulators and organisers, the GaugePilot unique Regulation Mode time lock provides you flexibility to compete at your very best in the UK and the rest of the world without changing equipment.

Zero penalty points awarded for use on Hero-CRA, Rally Round and ERA events, where trip meters are allowed. When GaugePilot is locked down into Regulation Mode its specification is restricted as follows:-

  • Mileage display is limited to two decimal places (a mechanical odometer is simulated, the graduations usually displayed on the 1/100 digits are no longer shown)
  • No display of speed or average speed anywhere on the GaugePilot
  • The current tyreset selection is locked down
  • SpeedPilot, RallyMaster and Farina (average speed) applications are not available. TwinMaster and TwinTime (dual odometers) become the primary rally applications.

It is clear for rally organisations to see that your GaugePilot is in Regulation Mode, with the regulation mode shield displayed both on the home screen and on the rally menu. The number in the shield represents the number of whole 24 hour periods for which the unit will remain in Regulation Mode, making it easy for the scrutineers to tell that your unit will be locked down for the entire event (up to 80 days).