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Aston Service Dorset

The GaugePilot Aston Service Dorset Edition

We are pleased to welcome Aston Service Dorset (ASD).

ASD are the officially appointed manufacturers and distributors of genuine parts for all Aston Martin cars 1948 - 1963 and David Brown Lagonda's, supplying spare parts for all Aston Martin's and Lagonda's up to and including the DB7 Vantage and Vanquish S.

The origin of Aston Service Dorset can be traced back to the 1930's when Ivan Forshaw was in business as a Lagonda specialist. Following David Brown's acquisition of the Aston Martin and Lagonda businesses in the lean years after the War and the amalgamation of the two companies in 1947, the new company handed over the enquiries relating to pre-war Lagonda's to Ivan Forshaw.

When Sir David Brown's ownership of Aston Martin Lagonda Limited came to its sad end, the sole rights to remanufacture parts for Aston Martin DB2,DB2/4 DB3S and DB4 models plus the David Brown Lagonda's were offered to Ivan Forshaw.

The link with Aston Martin Lagonda Limited was firmly established and still exists today.

The business still thrives and aims to keep a good stock of all wearing parts for the cars and is always looking to produce parts that are no longer available as new/old stock, from the original drawings; thereby ensuring a continuity to provide a personal service for all Aston Martin owners as they have done now for nearly 70 years.

Aston Services Dorset’s workshop facilities are fully equipped and are backed by the specialist technical knowledge and a wealth of race experience provided in conjunction with D.Wood Motorsport. The ASD team can ensure that GaugePilot is installed professionally and efficiently, not only in your Aston Martin but in any classic vehicle.

The ASD teams in-depth knowledge of the whole Classic DB range has been drawn upon to produce a range of Aston Martin specific GaugePilot sensor installation kits, ensuring that the discerning Aston owner can enjoy all the benefits of GaugePilot, with the option to return the vehicle to concourse factory standard if so desired.

To reflect ASD's long history with Aston Martin and Lagonda, we have created a GaugePilot Aston Service Dorset Edition that includes correct Aston gauge artwork for that extra piece of period perfect detailing.


Aston Service Dorset
Tel:01202 574727

D.Wood MotorSport
Tel: 07403 205041

73 Ringwood Road
BH22 9AA