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Rally Preparation Services

To Finish First, First You Must Finish

Rally Preparation Services is a specialist rally car preparation, maintenance and support company located near Oxford in the United Kingdom – the heart of international motorsport, where all the leading rally and Formula One teams have their home.

With specialisms including long-distance and endurance rally car preparation, Rally Preparation Services also offers over 30 years of professional preparation and event support expertise, enabling historic and classic car aficionados to enjoy the excitement and romance and all kinds of events, knowing that their vehicles have been painstakingly prepared to ensure every chance of success – and maximum enjoyment of the entire experience.

Preparation is everything – good results start when the car first arrives into the workshop,” say the team at Rally Preparation Services.

From its custom-designed premises, Rally Preparation Services concentrate on ensuring that the competition cars they work on are prepared with the kind of attention to detail that can only come from enthusiasts with the engineering skills to build vehicles designed for success.
Rally Preparation Services goes beyond just the rally car preparation, helping driver and navigator with training and support to get ready for their event too. It offers a complete rally preparation package.

Beyond rally car preparation, the team also offers classic car restoration, maintenance, car storage, sales and shipping, and even tracking services.

Working with Rally Preparation Services gives you piece of mind – its like having a member of the team sitting alongside you!

Unit 8 Cotswold Business Park, Range Road, Witney, Oxon. OX29 0YB
Telephone: +44 1993 358009