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Make complex events such as the Mille Miglia less stressful and improve your results with Farina, an advanced table-driven rally computer available only on the GaugePilot Rally Pro with separate driver display.

Farina uses the GaugePilot Rally engine to simultaneously track average speed for a whole stage (“CO”) whilst tracking average speed on inner stage controls (“PC” and “PM”), and intelligently provides relevant information to the driver and navigator depending upon the current position within the stage.

Track progress - During an event, stage elements are displayed in a format representative of that used in the Millie Miglia route book, reducing navigator workload and reducing the probability of human error.

Driver display - is an essential companion to Farina, providing the driver with the intuitive Rallymaster too-fast too-slow needle display and count down odometers to easily track progress.

Count down - An audible warning is triggered at 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and then a ten second countdown to better allow the driver to synchronise themselves to the control timing. This uses warning output 2 so an accessory buzzer is essential.

The Table - Data is entered ahead of time into a table using a format representative of that provided to drivers during the Mille Miglia, which may also be edited on-the-fly during an event if elements are modified during a stage. Up to 300 CO/CT/PM/PC/startPC row entries can be pre-loaded into the table, representing up to 25 individually accessible CO stages, at any one time


Tested to the limit - As with all GaugePilot applications they are race proven, Farina has brought top honours in the Beajourlaise Run 2015 GT Class , and has allowed teams to improve their results substantially in the Mille Miglia 2015, 2016, Targa Florio 2015, 2016 and more.

Farina is one of many Rally Computer Applications included on the GaugePilot Rally Pro model.