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Designed in conjunction with seasoned rally drivers and navigators to primarily reduce the stresses in rallies such as the Monte Carlo Historique which feature precise (speeds to 2-decimal places) average-speed sections, RallyMaster provides the driver and navigator with a clear and easy to follow needle indicator of performance against target average speed.

The Needle - indicates your time accuracy against your target average speed up to an error of +-20 seconds. Needle to the right - you're going too fast. Needle to the left - you're going too slow. Beyond 20 seconds the needle is replaced by a clear and easy to read numerical display that tracks your progress up to +- 99.59 minutes.

Target Speed - your required target speed can be set to a precision of 0.01 mph/kph by turning any knob. Speed changes within stage can be easily pre-selected and entered and activated via the Gaugepilot control buttons, the on-screen helpers guiding you every step of the way.

Interval - the interval odometer can be reset independently of the average speed delta to allow trip resets in conjunction with the roadbook tulips.

Total  - the total odometer readout can be reset directly with in the application for ease on the starting line. As with all GaugePilot Rally Applications Total Trip Reset is protected by a second press to protect against a total trip reset in error. 

Linked - The RallyMaster odometers are common with Twinmaster, TwinTime and SpeedPilot giving the ability to easily switch between application whilst keeping on track.

RallyMaster is one of many Rally Computer Applications included on GaugePilot ClubmanRally and Rally Pro models.