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Following a traditional format, the TwinMaster application pays homage to the iconic mechanical rally instrument of the same name that was campaigned during the 50’s,60’s and 70’s in the topflight of world rallying. The clear and simple to read rolling odometers capture the watch-like motion of the classic instrument without the complications of changing gearwheels and worn cogs.

Interval - the interval odometer can be easily reset using the control button or via a remote navigator reset button.

Reset - the total odometer can be reset directly within the application for ease on the starting line. As with all GaugePilot rally applications, total trip reset is protected by a second press to protect against reseting in error. 

Rally Time - is discreetly displayed on screen (not Classic models) to bring another key piece of information into the navigator's view.

Taking control - a long press on the middle control button brings the Twinmaster flexibility alive. 

Idle - disengages the drive and adjust functions to prevent accidental operation during rough terrain on stage.
Adjust - gives the navigator the ability to independently adjust the total or trip odometer reading by turning the indicated knob clockwise or anti-clockwise, allowing corrections against landmarks enroute.
Drive - allows the odometers to be driven in reverse and also for odometers to be disengaged just like the original, again by turning the indicated knob to turn the knob on-screen. 


Linked - the TwinMaster odometers are common with RallyMaster, TwinTime and SpeedPilot giving the ability to easily switch between applications whilst keeping on track.

TwinMaster is one of many Rally Computer Applications included on GaugePilot Classic, ClubmanRally and Rally Pro models.