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What our customers say about their GaugePilot...

"Amazing piece of kit."

Overall - Excellent. Significantly boosted our performance and reduced stress levels in car. Amazing piece of kit. The pre-event and on the ground support was amazing.

J.Kennedy, D Long

Highest placed Aston Martin, Mille Miglia 2017

Instrument: Rally Pro

"I'll definitely be recommending them to customers."

Just wanted to send a brief message about the GaugePilot, I've been recently doing work on a customer's GaugePilot equipped 356, and I've had the opportunity to use the GaugePilot on the road for a few miles.

What a fantastic bit of kit, it's helped diagnose an issue I had with the car's charging system, plus just being able to get accurate readings of oil temp and pressure is brilliant.

Graham, Williams Crawford

Instrument: Rally

"It's a great bit of kit."

The GaugePilot system itself was easy to use and once we'd used it a bit we were able to make running changes when needed (i.e. the organizers threw things at us) and the whole thing was very easy to use and made life very enjoyable.

It's a great bit of kit and we will use it again and again, the main thing is practice and being able to accurately see when we are going over the airlines...

David Freeman

Mille Miglia 2017

Instrument: Rally Pro

"It was quite simply amazing!"

We used the GaugePilot in ‘Flighty' throughout the MM - it was quite simply amazing!

The GaugePilot transformed our capability in average speed trials (PMs), whilst ensuring that we were always on track for COs and CTs. We are delighted to report that we were the highest placed British crew and that we classified 34th overall, out of 450 entries.

Frederica & Simon Kirkpatrick & 'Flighty' our 1928 Grand Prix Bugatti!

Highest placed British Crew, Mille Miglia 2017

Instrument: Rally Pro

"Our Best Result Ever!"

was the message we received from Adrian and Hannah in the Bristol 400 Pininfarina. "This was our first race in which we did not knock up any 300 penalty points, and we even escaped any 200 penalty points as well, with only 8 above 99."

Hannah Goodman and Adrian Berry, Mille Miglia 2017

Instrument: Rally Pro

"A superb, clever rally instrument."

Thanks to Simon Hambly and Nigel Cousins of GaugePilot for designing and tutoring us in the use of such a superb, clever rally instrument - it made life really easy.

The Mille Miglia was a hugely enjoyable experience for us made possible by you all, so thanks again for that and hopefully, we’ll be back next year."

Mark and Nicola Aldridge

Mille Miglia 2017

Instrument: Rally Pro

"Without the GaugePilot, I'm not convinced we would have had the bottle."

We fitted the GaugePilot to our Jaguar XK150 towards the end of a three year restoration that included a full engine rebuild. Inevitably there were delays along the way and in the end I fired up the Jag just 36 hours before we left Lancashire for St Tropez. I can't describe how reassuring it was being able to monitor the engine's every breath during the 2,000 mile trip, every rise in temperature, every shift in oil pressure, every change in air/fuel ratio. What we did was probably insane, but without the GaugePilot, I'm not convinced we would have had the bottle to do it.

Barry Marsden

Instrument: Classic

"Every classic needs one!!!!"

3,425miles to Greece and back in an XK150 over the last 14 days - with a GaugePilot! Every classic needs one!!!!

Jonathan Rolls & Julian Bush Jaguar XK 150

Instrument: Rally

"Thank you to the amazing GaugePilot"

We WON!!!! - Thank you to the amazing GaugePilot.

Angelica Fuentes Garcia and Gabriel Perez Torres, Porsche GT3

Winners of Chihuahua Express Mexico 2017

Instrument: Rally