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GaugePilot Clubman

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The Clubman is a rally focused instrument at a competitive price, that does not compromise on quality or appearance, and is approved for use by all top rally organisations.

Easy-to-use, and easy-to-calibrate; it is ideal for rally novices.

Its clear easy-to-read display offers exceptional clarity.

By adding engine sensors, oil pressure and temperature can be constantly monitored. Engine alerts allow the driver to apply extra focus on the stage ahead with the comfort that the set engine parameters are being constantly reviewed.

The classic design looks spot on in a classic rally vehicle.

In the Box: Your GaugePilot comes complete with basic installation wiring for your vehicle, but without any sensors.

Order a GP-A02 mounting bracket separately if you wish to hang under the dashboard rather than make an opening in it.

Wheel speed and gauge sensors are available separately as accessories to customise the installation for your vehicle.

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