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Innovate Motorsports TC-4 Quad thermocouple interface

GP-I02 Innovate Motorsports TC-4 4-Channel Thermocouple Amplifier P/N 3784

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The TC-4 includes the TC-4, Program Cable, 2.5mm TRS Patch Cable (to daisy chain with other MTS compatible devices), Mounting hardware, and cd which includes software and manuals.

We say:

"The TC-4 is an ideal way to bring four channels of thermocouple data into GaugePilot to datalog and to display as Gauges. 

Ideal, with the appropriate thermocouples, for providing dual CHT and dual EGT readings for air cooled engines."

 Note that the TC-4 uses the earlier 2.5mm TRS connectors, rather than the later Molex connectors of the LC-2. The patch lead is provided in the box is a 2.5mm to 2.5mm TRS lead with which to connect to another TC-4 or SSI-4, but not a LC-2 or GaugePilot directly.

Use our GP-IA11 interface cable, together with a GP-I03 (Innovate #3812 2.5mm TRS to Molex) to connect directly to the GaugePilot . See also our GP-IA01 (Molex to Molex link lead), and GP-I03 (Innovate #3812 2.5mm TRS to Molex) cables to connect other sensors into your MTS chain.