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GP-S01 Ambient Temp Sensor Kit

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Ideal for winter events, where a frost warning is advantageous, this kit feeds data to the ambient temperature channel on your GaugePilot for ambient temperature gauge and frost alerts.

The GP-S01 kits consists of Meyle sensor, pre-wired sensor plug with white leads, and 2 x 3m of labelled & colour-coded wire with pre-crimped Molex terminals to insert into your existing GaugePilot connector.

See the Molex document in our support area for how to insert terminals into the GaugePilot Brown (C) connector.

Whilst GP-S01 is supplied with colour-coded wire and labels for the temperature 1 input, it can also be connected to the temperature 2 input. To do so, insert C13 to the Black connector position 15 and insert C12 to the Black connector position 3.

Internal pull up resistors are present on GaugePilot Temperature 1 and Temperature 2 inputs. No external pull up resistors or power sources should be connected to these inputs as doing so could cause damage to your unit.

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