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GP-S02 Intake Temperature Sensor Kit

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Suitable for intake or under bonnet temperature monitoring.

GP-S02 consists of Honeywell sensor, sensor plug seals & terminals, and 2 x 3m of labelled & colour-coded wire with pre-crimped Molex terminals See the Molex document in our resources area for how to insert terminals into the GaugePilot Black connector.

Thread: M12x1.5

Whilst GP-S02 is supplied with colour-coded wire for the temperature 2 input, it can also be connected to the temperature 1 input. To do so, insert A15 to the Brown connector position 13 and insert A3 to the Brown connector position 12.

Internal pull up resistors are present on Temperature 1 and Temperature 2. No external pull up resistors or power sources should be connected as doing so could cause damage to your unit.

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